When the sun is shining, and you’re the new kid – keeping motivated!

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We all have times when we feel low on energy, and days when we begrudge the working hours. Is it more difficult to stay motivated if you are also working from home? And if you’re the new hire you may be feeling anxious about making a good impression.

Here’s my 5 top tips on keeping enthusiasm levels high:

1.      Divide your day into units of time – think about time outdoors, exercise, screen time, and contact time with colleagues. If you’re working from home, you may be missing sub-conscious prompts to move about so use online tools to set reminders.

2.      Create a workspace that you enjoy being in. Maybe include photos, flowers, or your favourite music. If you have a room with a view, enjoy it! Choose a virtual backdrop you love for those online meetings.   

3.      Set yourself something to learn. You don’t have to climb Mount Everest – it might be an IT tip, a new way to present an idea or a fresh approach to solving a problem.

4.      Gather your perspective – what will today’s work pay for? A contribution to the rent? Petrol? A meal out at the weekend? Savings for a holiday?

5.      Enjoy success. I make a lot of to-do lists but have recently tested a suggestion to make “done” lists. There’s definitely joy in it!   

If you are new to your job and/or your organisation you might be feeling nervous about stepping away from your desk. Hopefully, your employer has helped set some parameters but if not find an opportunity for an honest chat.

Plan the discussion. Consider what helps you function best at work – are you reinvigorated by exercise, or fresh air or perhaps you have an inspiring podcast to listen to at lunchtime? Use the discussion to get to know your boss better – what re-energises them? Take the opportunity to get to know the business better – when is a good time to take breaks, and when are the peaks and troughs of the working day and week?   

Let me know if you have enjoyed a useful workplace discussion on this topic. If you would like support to get the discussion started (as an employer or as an individual) contact me at kath@careerswithintent.com

Good luck with your conversations and enjoy the sunshine!


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