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Careers With Intent offers individual career guidance for people navigating career change and progression. We also support organisations when recruiting, retaining and developing talent.

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For Individuals

Whether you are taking your first step on the career ladder (or are representing someone who is), are considering a change of direction, or you have additional needs and are seeking a role that would use your skills and provide personal fulfilment, we can help you find your best options.

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For Businesses

Your employees are the lifeblood of your business. From increased productivity and retention to enhanced business reputation; employee confidence and inclusivity is of paramount importance. If you would like to find out more about ways to maximise employee effectiveness and wellbeing, please get in touch.

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For Learning Providers

We provide strategic and quality audit support to learning providers. If you need support with delivering comprehensive and current high quality careers information, advice and guidance to your learners, we have these skills too.

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“We have used Kath on a number of projects, and she brings an insight based on her vast experience which has allowed us to see new ways of improving. With her passion for people and her way of engaging positively with the internal teams we have seen some good outcomes already. We would highly recommend her.”

Jeremy Hay, CEO, Talkback UK / September 2021

“Absolutely genuine. Delivers effectively, often working under time pressure and with limited resources, Kath is a delight to work with. She is of immense help to students and hard-pressed staff, with great concern not just about completing a task ,but doing it in a positive fashion. Beyond this she displays an ongoing desire to know what is happening in the world of work and employment and how this will impact on students.”

Vic Davies, School of Business and Law, Bucks New University / October 2019

“Kath guided me through a time in my career when I was feeling pulled in many directions, I really couldn’t see the wood from the trees and I needed to make some decisions. She very quickly enabled me to find my focus and I soon had a much clearer view. Her patient listening, reflecting, wealth of knowledge and experience guided me to realise and act on what next steps to take. Kath’s skill at facilitating people to realise their full potential is absolutely first class. Very professional, conversations were natural, effortless, safe and 100% effective. I would definitely seek Kath’s guidance again.”

Careers guidance customer / May 2021

About Kath

My name is Kath Dunn and I am a careers and education consultant with over 25 years of experience of working with adults and young people, including people with additional needs and their families.

I also support employers who want to build their talent pipeline and retain great staff, and I provide advice to learning settings that want to help individuals move forward into positive destinations.

I am a registered career development practitioner (RCDP) through the Career Development Institute. This means I am a qualified careers practitioner and that I commit to at least twenty-five hours of learning per year to keep my career development skills fresh.

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LinkedIn Articles

New job, new (online) team meeting

You are starting a new role, and you will be accessing your team meetings online (and probably from home). Does this worry you? If yes, this is the article for you, with four ideas to help you get started, with some bonus thoughts for those hosting meetings too.

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Being a gamechanger (your team role)

This week I am thinking about how you grow your confidence as part of a new team. As I’m currently surrounded by football on the TV and around the dinner table it seems appropriate to use some sporting analogies. But I’m going to start by talking about cricket (also a hot topic in our household!).

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Building rapport with new colleagues (remotely): what really works?

This week I’ve caught up with employees who have started a new job during a period of lockdown, in three different sectors and with different levels of experience. Thank you to them for sharing approaches that they have experienced, and that have felt helpful, to encourage and inspire us.

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Pass the parcel of positivity

As many a child and parent knows there are variations on the game Pass the Parcel. At some parties there is just the one “prize” hidden deep in the centre under layers of newspaper, at others a sweet in each layer. At the super swanky party there might even be a gift per layer.

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Supporting disabled young people into apprenticeships: will a new strategy help?

Last week the government announced a multi-million-pound strategy to improve the lives of autistic people, including support to improve the experience of jobseekers with autism.

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