Summer learning

My first part time job as a teenager was cleaning bedrooms in a hotel, and my second was working in the cash office of a shop.

I can hand on heart say I was ill-equipped for both! Cleaning and counting continue to be tasks which I don’t enjoy and I don’t see them as strengths!

I do not regret these jobs for one moment though. In addition to the much needed salary what both roles gave me they gave me:

1) the ability to do these tasks when necessary

2) total respect for those who have these skills and are doing these jobs.

These jobs are physically and mentally demanding. They taught me about working alongside others, learning from others’ expertise and about finding resilience to get through unenjoyable tasks – skills I continue to use on a daily basis.   

If you are in your first part time or holiday role what are you learning and how will you talk about your learning?

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