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The festive season is often a time for practising the hobbies you are passionate about. Photography often starts out as a hobby, but has the potential to become a career. The announcement of a new competition in the photography sector prompted me to check out how people can develop their careers in this sector, given the huge changes in technology and increased accessibility for everyone to take their own pictures.

Photographers continue to be hired in areas as diverse as weddings, portraits, wildlife, fashion, travel and science. In addition anyone seeking a picture for their blog will be aware of the value of stock photography. A great way to check the scope of the sector, and to look at what it takes to win the BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography) awards is to visit BIPP National Award Winners 2022

While employed roles are available self-employment is a more likely option. A quick check on the national apprenticeship site presented 4 photography related apprenticeships across England.

So, back to the latest award announcement. The V&A has launched a competition to encourage professional and amateur female photographers to develop their career in the sector. Find out more at V&A · The V&A Parasol Foundation Prize For Women In Photography (   

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