Encouragement for your career journey

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As a registered career development practitioner with the Career Development Institute I’m fortunate to have access to some great training. And today’s opportunity was to hear from several practitioners who like me have gone into private practice, who generously shared their experiences of making the transition from schools work, and talked about their challenges, and what they have learnt along the way.
What I heard from the panel was that having made the switch they all still feel nervous. I thought yes – so do I! And I heard them talk about how they all have some regular paid employment alongside their freelance work, to provide some stability. I thought yes – so do I! And I heard them talk about how they receive their referrals – again a match with my experience. And I heard them talk about the challenge of getting the pricing model right – another match!
Today has reminded me of the importance of finding your tribe, and finding those people who have your back when you feel doubtful and worried about whether you have taken the right step. My customers are courageous. They seek me out to walk with them on a journey that they don’t always have words for when we first meet. They grow in confidence and knowledge. I love to hear their success stories; of advocating for themselves, of trying out a new skill set, of starting a new job. But it’s also OK to admit when you’re having a wobble, when you’re feeling nervous, when you question your decisions. We’re all on a journey. I’m still on your team, cheering you on, reassuring you of how much you have to offer, just as my CDI colleagues did for me today.

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